Why Electric bikes?

1. Environment-friendly – Automobiles that run on gas and diesel release carbon emissions into the atmosphere; e-bikes do not. E-bikes are zero-emission vehicles operating on clean energy. Invest in an e-bike, invest in a greener future.

2. Prevents air pollution – Pollution is a severe problem, particularly in urban areas, causing respiratory and other health problems. E-bikes being zero-emission vehicles do not cause air pollution.

3. Less carbon footprint – Reducing waste is one way to lessen one’s carbon footprint. The benefit of owning and riding an e-bike is that it produces little waste. However, like other electric vehicles, e-bikes have a battery that must eventually be replaced. The majority of the batteries, and rightly so, can be recycled.

4. Save money – E-bikes helps to save money. The purchase price and operating costs of an e-bike are much lower than that of a car or a motorcycle. Our ebikes are priced competitively compared to other green solutions without compromising the products’ quality and safety features.

5. Eco-friendly travel – When a person travels by train or bus, they must deal with crowded conditions and people who may be sick or unpleasant to deal with. But e-bikes, in addition to being a greener transportation option, also offer more freedom of movement without schedule restrictions and the ability to travel alone if desired.

6. A green way to have fun – Commuting is not the only reason people use e-bikes. In addition to commuter e-bikes, we have off-road e-bikes designed to explore terrains more rugged than city streets. They can be used to explore nature or ride on trails.

7. Active lifestyle – E-bikes encourage a more active lifestyle while also enabling travel at a more natural pace, with greater exposure to the city’s sights, culture and entertainment.

8. Health Benefits – E-bike is a transportation option that can also serve as an exercise. Riding an e-bike has very similar health benefits to riding a bike for exercise, with an added benefit of giving the rider a break if tired. This is particularly important for those who are hesitant to ride a bike due to health-related issues. E-bikes once again give them the confidence to pursue the active lifestyle they want.

Benefits of cycling include:

    • Increased cardiovascular fitness.
    • Increased muscle strength/flexibility.
    • Improved joint mobility.
    • Decreased stress levels.
    • Improved posture and coordination.
    • Strengthened bones.
    • Decreased body fat levels.
    • Prevention of disease.
    • Reduced anxiety.

9. Feel fresh after your commute to work – Arriving at work sweaty is one of the biggest impediments for the would-be bike commuters. E-bikes nail this issue and allow getting to your workplace fresh and full of energy.

10. Cities benefit greatly from e-bikes – When car drivers switch to e-bikes, they take up far less space on the roads, leading to less traffic and road congestion. The bikes can use bike lanes in most areas, enabling riders to avoid a traffic mess altogether.

11. Noise pollution – Freeing a busy city from the sound of engines and car horns can considerably enhance city dwellers’ comfort levels and quality of life.

12. Easy to maintain – E-bikes have less machinery than motorbikes and hence are comparatively easier to maintain.