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In the early 2000’s, John Weintraub noticed the growing demand for electric bikes (ebikes) worldwide, particularly in Europe. The world was awakening to the benefits of ebikes as a green, sustainable, convenient, low maintenance, budget friendly mode of transport. John wanted to bring the ebike technology to his home-city, and in the year 2010, he partnered with EMMO and started LONDON ECO BIKES dealership in London.

EMMO Inc is a Canadian venture focused on creating a sustainable future by building high quality ebikes suitable for leading a greener way of life. Owing to the outstanding quality, distinctive looks, competitive pricing and the prompt availability of spares & customer support, popularity of EMMO is skyrocketing.


At LONDON ECO BIKES, we have ebikes in various styles to cater to the needs of our customers. So whether it is an ebike for regular commute, or an easy and convenient method to go around the city, or as a boost for those biking enthusiasts who love an active lifestyle, we’ve got what you want. Our bicycle, motorcycle, scooter models and mobility scooters are designed with safety of our customers as top priority, and aims to provide the best value for one’s investment.

Ebikes, as we know, cause no air pollution, no CO2 emissions and have a very low carbon footprint. We are proud that through us, thousands of our customers are taking a step towards a cleaner and greener today and tomorrow. Together, We are going GREEN!

Vision & Mission

We aspire to be the most preferred supplier of e-bikes and associated products, spares, service in London and surrounding areas.

We want to:

  • be honest and provide appropriate information to enable customers to choose the right product for them
  • provide customers with the required advice so they can use their bikes to the fullest and maintain them in good condition
  • provide spare parts and services promptly
  • provide a friendly and respectful in-store environment for our customers
  • continuously analyze our internal processes for improvement that may translate to more customer satisfaction/customer delight

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