EMMO Hornet X.I

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IDEAL for commute; DUAL BATTERIES provide longer TRAVEL RANGE.

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  • Battery Options:
     Battery(48V)- Single: 48V/20Ah SLA;48V/30Ah Li; 48V/50Ah Li;
     Battery(48V)- Dual: 48V/40(20+20Ah)Ah SLA;48V/60(30+30Ah)Ah Li; 48V/80Ah(50+30Ah) Li; 48V/100Ah(50+50Ah) Li;
     Battery(60V)- Single: 60V/20Ah SLA;60V/30Ah Li; 60V/50Ah Li;
     Battery(60)- Dual: 60V/40Ah SLA (20+20Ah);60V/60Ah Li(30+30Ah); 60V/80Ah(50+30Ah) Li; 60V/100Ah(50+50Ah) Li;
  • Motor: 500W Continuously QS Motor
  • Security System: Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
  • Net Weight: 120 kg
  • Climbing Angle: 25 Degrees
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disk Brake
  • Rear Tire: 10-3.0 Tubeless Tire
  • Storage: Under Seat Storage & Tail Box
  • Dimension: 190 cm (Length)x 67 cm (Width) x 113 cm (Height) / 75 inch (Length) x 26 inch (Width) x 45 inch (Height)
  • Travel Range:
     Range (48V) - Single: 40km(48V20Ah SLA); 55km(48V30Ah li); 100km(48V50Ah li)*
     Range (48V) - Dual: 80km(48V40Ah SLA); 110km(48V60Ah li); 155km(48v80ah li); 180km(48v100ah li)*
     Range (60V) - Single: 45km(60V20Ah SLA); 60km(60V30Ah li); 100km(60V50Ah li)*
     Range (60V) - Dual: 90km(60V40Ah SLA); 120km(60V60Ah li); 160km(60V80Ah li) 200km(60V100Ah li)*
  • Charging time: 3 – 10 Hours
  • Display: Upgraded Advanced Color Display
  • Lighting System: LED Headlight, Daytime Running Light, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light;
  • Load Capacity: 200 kg
  • Front Brake: Hydraulic Disk Brake
  • Front Tire: 10×3.0 Tubeless Tire
  • Passenger Seat: Yes

48V/100Ah Dual Lithium, 48V/20Ah Lead Acid, 48V/30Ah Lithium, 48V/40Ah Dual Lead Acid, 48V/50Ah Lithium, 48V/60Ah Dual Lithium, 48V/80Ah Dual Lithium, 60V/20Ah Lead Acid, 60V/30Ah Lithium, 60V/40Ah Dual Lead Acid, 60V/50Ah Lithium, 60V/60Ah Lithium, 60V/80Ah Lithium


Black, Blue, Red

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